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“Hold on tight to your dreams”: Devil’s Slide Tunnel Cries Out For Music & Video

Really, do you want to drive through a long, boring, tunnel with nothing to see on the blanko walls? No stimulation? We, in the 21st century, are a strong visual culture.

I have said this before, we need art and video on the walls of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel.

MOVING images, perhaps of the Coastside’s “wonders” to come. The flowers, the beaches, the cliffs.

Who would sponsor it? How about Hewlett-Packard, Intel, etc., the “trusts” that have been buying up Coastside land, to save it from spiralling growth. With so many creative people on the Coastside, we can do it.

And I have found hope in the “Tunnel” commercial by Honda

Just what I imagine for the interior of the Devil’s Slide Tunnel—giant sunflowers on the walls, deer leaping about the walls, sunshine and the great Pacific Ocean. There’s music too: Hold On Tight by the Electric Light Orchestra.

Please check out the “Tunnel” commercial here

Eyewitness Report From Truck Fire on Hwy 92

Both lanes on Hwy 92 are open now–but it took Burt 1 hour and ten minutes of waiting on the road–due to a big rig fire which closed down the highway.

Burt says the fire occurred on the west side of 92 in east-bound lanes. “The truck was completely burned, the cab was burned. How could that have happened?”

He saw one firetruck and numerous CHP (California Highway Patrol) vehicles at the scene of the fire. The remains of the truck have been pulled to the side of the road (we haven’t heard what happened to the driver…we hope he’s okay).

“The traffic was just horrible,” says Burt who sat in his car behind two garbage trucks. “The trucks made it impossible for me to see what was going on.”

Now that both sides of Highway 92 are open again, Burt says he sees hundreds of cars backed-up waiting to head west to Half Moon Bay.

Hey Commuters! Our Suffering May Be At End……

… reports that Caltrans officials at a press conference yesterday announced that Devil’s Slide will reopen on August 4th.

Praise the Lord!

Our gratitude is overwhelming…Thank you to the engineers and working guys at the Slide who beat the schedual, thank you to all the officials for whatever role they played.

Hey CalTrans, one more thing….the poor slugs that sit on Hwy 92– two-three hours per day– may not even get this good news…How about spreading the word on all the printed signs and new electronic boards that give the number of minutes to and from Hwy 280 & Hwy 1….

…And one last thought: If on August 4 there is a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Slide’s reopening– in addition to the smiling bureaucrats and politicians– PLEASE make sure a couple of commuters are represented at the ceremony, too.

(Photo: Commuters raring to go when the Slide reopens).

P.S. Re-opening of the Slide is a headline story in the San Mateo Times

How About Reimbursing The Commuter?


We’re delighted to learn that financial reimbursement is being made by the feds to some local non-profits whose resources have been stretched because of the closure of Devil’s Slide.

That’s great–but, as usual, the commuter doesn’t seem to count.

Let’s examine the cost to the commuter:

(1) Never have gas prices been so high.
(2) A car/truck is one of the most expensive items a family or individual owns.
(3) There’s wear and tear on the vehicle. Repairs to be made.
(4) Time lost sitting on Hwy 92
(5) Stress leading to illness (A well known county cardiologist, with homes on both sides of the hill, says that sitting in traffic on Hwy92 , is one of the huge factors that can lead to heart attacks).

And how do you measure the significant cost on the family?

Don’t forget not everything is measured in dollars. I’d just like to see one time– the worn-out, beat-up, poor sucker who is stuck on Hwy 92 for torturous hours every day–be first on the list of assistance.

(Photo taken in front of Half Moon Bay Bakery, Main Street).

Caught Up With The Coastside’s New “Jitney” Hwy 1 Bus

I was driving south on Hwy 1 near Safeway when I pulled up beside one of the Coastside’s “solutions” to the closure of Devil’s Slide.


There might have been more than one passenger but I don’t think so. Seconds later another one of these Parking Company of America jitneys pulled out of the shopping center. This one was empty for sure.

Hopefully, more folks will use these buses–otherwise we’ll just have more vehicles adding to traffic on Hwy1 In that case the $160,000 put out for the service might better have been allocated to finishing the repairs at Devil’s Slide a minute and nine seconds faster.