I Hear From Former Herbert Hoover Jr Hi School Student Body President (1960s) Norman Rosenblatt

NR.jpgNorman Rosenblatt is the second young man on the left, leaning over, talking to a female student in the back of a classroom at Lincoln High School in San Francisco’s lovely Sunset District). In the mid-1960s Norman Rosenblatt was elected as the student body president of Herbert Hoover Jr Hi. His family lived a couple of blocks from my house.

His email:

“Living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the last 10 years.

Hope all is well with you.”

Norman Rosenblatt
General Manager, Baja Holdings
Co-Broker, Suenos del Sol
(415)-350-8222 US Cell Phone
143-1908 office ) for all 3 numbers from US
143-2797 fax ) add to the beginning 011-52-624
129-5609 cell ) for cell #, only while in Cabo
add to the beginning 044-624
[email protected] or [email protected]