Coastside Poets: Poetry Editor Walter Ruhlmann Asks For New Work

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Hello dear ones,

mgv2>datura is back on the track. I’ve been away for a while and I am deeply sorry for those of you who were expecting the September issue. Many had sent their work, most of which was to be published. I had troubles with my computer and lost all of it.

I’d like to upload another issue before the end of this year, so if you would like to submit your work, please do.


[email protected]
Walter Ruhlmann, editor

Sunday’s “Haiku”

Sunday’s “Haiku”

by Leon Kunke

Birds on a spring morning   

The happiest moment of the day.

A robin drinking in a rock pond

Is another good moment.

Composing nature with rocks

So water can flow in a garden

Is a very good time for me.

To take an afternoon nap

After hard work

Is great luxury.

Solitude in a redwood thicket

Is the purest wealth.

Being paid money

For work considered artful

Is pure bliss.

(by Anonymous)

There is no poetry for me.
My years of love to celebrate have passed.
No praise is due for this old body
Never was, really.
Sing the body neglected

I do not live in or near the woods
The Ocean is miles away
Beautiful people no longer visit me
My day is past,
Perhaps it never came

There is one raspy, carping woman, here
Who shouts commands and then complains,
But I would rather forget than herald her.
Occasionally, she goes away.
Then it is quiet.

The neighbors do not speak.
When the doorbell does ring,
Someone wants a contribution
Or a signature
Or I’ve already voted absentee

You can’t see out the dingy windows
It doesn’t matter..
Outdoors it’s always windy, smelly, and gray.
We never see the stars, not up that late.
Too foggy for sun in the morning.

I read the papers
Some books, billboards,
I write uninspired reports and briefs
They are prosaic
There is no poetry for me.

(Poet’s name provided upon request)