“On the elusive Erich von Neff” By Don “Dutch” Martinich


Ms. Morrall

First. I’ve enjoyed your web site immensely and have dawdled away many hours there. I’ve particularly enjoyed the cycling articles of Steve Lubin and Erich von Neff, both contemporaries of mine,  I spent many hours back in the 60’s cycling “over the hill” and often lunching at Pete’s Coffee Shop, or, was it Cafe?  I ran into Steve Lubin this week while watching the bike race up Tunitas Canyon and he positively id’d this photo taken by me back in 1964 at a cycling time trial held near San Gregorio.  I can assure you that Erich’s cycling credentials are impeccable. So, here’s the photo.  


I have also attached a photo of Pete working in the kitchen of his establishment.


Very best wishes and keep up the good work!

Don “Dutch” Martinich