Meet Brinkley…………


I met “Brinkley” 20 years ago when she was my chiropractor Mark Reis’s sweet dog. Brinkley accompanied Mark everywhere, including his over-the-hill office. Brinkley’s gone now but she’s remembered in this lovely painting as she watches over Mark’s patients in Room #1.

Congressman Ron Paul Political Art….from the “Skyline Movement”

I got this piece of Congressman Ron Paul political art via the human links of family & friends: Burt and I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin Gabriele Korn’s home “over the hill”, and with a sparkle in her eye, she said she had something for me. She handed me this postcard sized artist’s rendering of Congressman Paul’s likeness–produced by the locally based “Skyline Movement.” And how did she get it? From her chiropractor, Mark Reis, a great guy,who is also my chiropractor (but fortunately I haven’t had to see him recently.)

It’s not unusual to see similar political mailings but this one was not a photograph. This is a piece of genuine art that somebody labored over.

For those who don’t know anything about Congressman Paul, he’s running for President in the Republican primaries–and has stunned conventional political observers with the groundswell of support from people excited by Dr. Paul’s anti-war, pro-Constitution stance.