The Humor of Larry Kaplan: ART DUCKO…& You Can Have One, Too….


larrythumbnailStory by Larry Kaplan

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G’morning June…well, September… actually,
When you make time to do so…go to:, or please click here
once there, click on PRODUCT APPLICATIONS at the top of the home page.
The first photo you will see is a red duck. Click on it.
What the blurb does NOT say is that there are ducklings, racing ducks, rudder ducks instead of rubber ducks, pond guard instead of coast guard, diving ducks, ducks with heads peeking below the surface, and much, much more.SO much more. If you can think it, I can fabricate it. I have even created a black Lab swimming on the ceiling…chasing a group of ceiling ducks.
The red duck in the photo is an adult duck.
The point of view is that YOU are at the BOTTOM of a duck pond, looking UP at the surface activity…and my ducks are effortlessly installed on your ceiling…the ceiling becoming the plane of the pond’s surface…
I replicate NO particular species of duck because my ducks are cartoon in sculpture. They are WAY silly. They are hand made by me, each piece is signed, and I get requests from (litterally) all over the world.
Nuts; huh? Nuts is a good thing. Note: “NUTS” is used herein as a description of my persona. NOTHING else!

(who woulda thunk that building hundreds of surfboards in the old daze woulda culminated in the creation of gorgeous fiberglass ducks?)