Kevon & Karen Cottrell: Karin is on my left and Sharon is on my right; you were wrong Peter Adams!

Story by Kevon Cottrell, Musician, El Granada
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Hi June, I see Peter [Adams] is a busy boy. (Saw him last Sat. at the HMB Brewery when I was playing w/ the successor to “Free & Easy”: “Blame it on the Dog”)
Just a clarification. The photo of F&E playing Peter’s Dad’s BD party is captioned incorrectly.  (“1970s: Coastside musicians….”) That is Karin on my left and Sharon on my right. (From the viewer’s prospective). Karin did not play guitar.
Love your site. So many memories. (Duh) Kevon Cottrell
Original email from Peter Adams

About the image:L-R: Sharon Zugay, Kevon Cottrell, Karin Zugay. Peter Adams says the pix was shot at a ceremony celebrating the renewal of his Mom & Dad’s marriage vows. The beautiful Zugay twins once posed in Playboy. (I gotta say, I can’t really see Kevon, Sharon and Karin in the pix…but they are there, in the background playing guitar and singing. All I can say is: Look hard!)

peteradams2Says Peter Adams: Did you know kevon cottrell –he was with sharon zugay (free & easy band) while i was with her twin karin? kevon and his wife, karen, stayed over on their way back from their annual windsurfing session in baja.