.. Art & Mystery at the Grave of Marcel Marceau in Paris..Story by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey

Story & photos by Lynn Kalajian McCloskey

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It’s chilling….mm2.JPGIt’s New Years Eve and we are spending the day at Cimetiere du Pere
Lachaise. We were wandering off the beaten path when a very odd-looking man
with long curly hair, wearing a stripped shirt, black jacket and tan pants approached us and started telling us about the people who were buried near
by. He was very animated and said to us, “this is my job,” and in his hands he carried a photo journal of the cemetery. Larry and I were thinking that he must want something. After a few minutes of conversation, he turns to me and asks me if I know who Marcel Marceau is. I looked at him dumbfounded andtold him he was one of my favorite mimes. I told him about a painting I own with the four famous mimes that was done by my uncle and was shown in galleries throughout the Monterey and Carmel Area. Like the pied piper he tells us to follow him.


On our journey he gives us the history of Marcel Marceau. He also tells us that no one knows that Marceau is buried at Lachaise because his grave is new and won’t be on the maps for another 6 months. We traipse up a muddy hill, and there it was…..a fairly new grave with flowers and memorabilia. Larry and I start snapping photos and I am babbling on and on. When I turn to thank him, poof, he was gone. We searched everywhere for him, and we never saw him again.

Could he have been the spirit of Marcel – Marcel always wore a stripped shirt………..let your imagination do the rest.