Terry Baldwin: Who’s the new Hunter Thompson?

Note: I’m not sure I understand this fascinating post from Half Moon Bay-er Terry Baldwin—but I have to say that when I worked as a stringer for Time in San Francisco (when it was still a great magazine, with luminaries you would not believe) I was called the new Hunter Thompson.

Thompson, now gone, was an original and crazy-wild journalist who gave birth to what was labeled as “gonzo journalism.”. Really,  I never understood why anyone would compare “me” to Hunter Thompson, but I’ve been let loose yet! 


Story by Terry Baldwin

When I read “Note: I’m finding that while I feel compelled to “give-up” these stories, at times it’s painful, retching work. Who will understand? These stories come from a different time, 30 years ago, when “gonzo” journalist Hunter Thompson ruled–“ I had to comment IMHO Matt Taibbi is the new hunter s Thompson. His stuff is great. So is yours.


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Terry Baldwin




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