The “Old” Way To Half Moon Bay

That’s Half Moon Bay in the distance–with the San Mateo-Half Moon Bay Road leading to the town. Note: there doesn’t seem to be anything on either side of the road–which means it must have been taken prior to the 1940s.


This is my favorite pix of old way to Half Moon Bay…



Photo: That’s me, standing beside the jeep…on the old, very bumpy Pedro Mtn Rd, circa 1970s…Guess you can’t see me…but I was there….

And here’s Pedro Mtn Road when it was much newer…1915?


Coastside Has History Of Shuttle Buses


The Coastside has a history of shuttle “buses”. This one shuttled passengers from San Gregorio, Pescadero and Swanton to Santa Cruz and back. Note the conductor sitting on his perch.

I wonder if our new shuttle be as colorful.

Photo: Randolph Brandt

Hwy 92: “Unofficial” Survey Results Are In

Half Bay Memories & the El Granada Observer has commissioned an unofficial survey of the number of big commercial trucks and big rigs traveling to and fro on Highway 92.

And the numbers from this unofficial “eye countâ€? are in.

“Approximately every sixth vehicle,â€? according to the ‘eye count’ survey, “is either a large commercial vehicle or big rig sandwiched in between commuter and passenger cars and smaller working trucks traveling to and from the Coastside during daylight hours on the weekdays.â€?

Well, there you have it. Every sixth vehicle is a large truck or big rig.

Are they all going to Devil’s Slide, to help fix the broken road?

Are they going to the dump?

Where are they going?

Should they be on the road during daylight hours while Devil’s Slide is closed, making life miserable for commuters and almost impossible for those who would come to shop and visit the Coastside?

Hey Bechtel! Come On & Fix Devil’s Slide

From Montara Bob:

June, I finally have the solution for the Devil’s Slide fiasco.

We’re lucky to have Bechtel, the world’s mega-engineering firm based in San Francisco.

Bechtel has built total cities from scratch, railroads in Trinidad, power plants all over the world…..

Hey, Bechtel! How about giving us about a week-and-a-half, pro bono?

And clean up that little mess on Highway 1.

Travel Riding: Hwy 92, Part I

Easy ride “over the hill” yesterday, Saturday, May 27–but my sources tell me that 92 was very crowded coming & going yesterday, Sunday the 28th of May.