Hwy 92: “Unofficial” Survey Results Are In

Half Bay Memories & the El Granada Observer has commissioned an unofficial survey of the number of big commercial trucks and big rigs traveling to and fro on Highway 92.

And the numbers from this unofficial “eye countâ€? are in.

“Approximately every sixth vehicle,â€? according to the ‘eye count’ survey, “is either a large commercial vehicle or big rig sandwiched in between commuter and passenger cars and smaller working trucks traveling to and from the Coastside during daylight hours on the weekdays.â€?

Well, there you have it. Every sixth vehicle is a large truck or big rig.

Are they all going to Devil’s Slide, to help fix the broken road?

Are they going to the dump?

Where are they going?

Should they be on the road during daylight hours while Devil’s Slide is closed, making life miserable for commuters and almost impossible for those who would come to shop and visit the Coastside?