Happy Mother’s Day–More history than you thought

Me and Mom

Cindy Holmboe of Half Moon Bay rightly reminds me that Mother’s Day was not originally a commercially-based event. Here’s a couple of links that give the history of Mother’s Day. Thank you, Cindy.

Click here and here

My dear Aunt Edith, who is in her late 90s, has been living by herself for many years–watched over by her married daughter, of course. Edith, a longtime widow, lived with her mother, my favorite grandmother, taking care of her until she passed away in the 1980s. On her own, Edith has done very well, but she has fallen a couple of times, striking her head. This is what she did the other day, and this time it looks like she won’t be able to live alone anymore. I’m telling you this because I am a great supporter of older folks who want to live on their own.

Here’s a photo of me, my grandmother and Aunt Edith, taken during happier times.