Dee Harley: Coastside Farmeress of the Year

deehjpg.jpg(Photo: From where I was sitting at Pasta Moon–my view of the photograph of Dee Harley, “Farmer of the Year.” In the photo Dee is surrounded by her goats.)

We were having lunch at Pasta Moon in town when I looked up to see this great photo above my head. I had to know who it was. The waitress was excited to tell me this was the famous Pescaderan, Dee Harley, and she had just been awarded the title, “Farmer of the Year.” It’s a woman farmer,” she gushed, punctuated with a generous smile.

“Dee Harley raises goats…and she makes delicious cheese,” the waitress explained.

Many of the walls at Pasta Moon are covered with photographs of Coastside farmers, mostly good looking, strong men. The Farmer of the Year celebration was held at the restaurant. The photographs are all very well done and I only wonder who the terrific photographer was. Pasta Moon, please tell us!