Call-out for Jack King…..

[Image: If you are wondering who the hand on Jack’s left shoulder belongs to: it’s Janice’s hand, Jack’s girlfriend.]

The last time I saw Jack King

was at the hardware store in El Granada, when Tom Andersen owned it. That day, more than a decade ago, was very windy and cold. It was winter. We were doing some remodeling on our house, and the blustery winds had snuffed out the flame in the old heater located beneath the house, way back in a dark and scary crawl space.

[Yes, yes, I could have called PG&E but I didn’t think of it.]

On that very cold, winter day I bumped into Jack King at the El Granada hardware store. Jack was a local character. I knew him as an unusual fellow who could spout classical poetry on demand–all the while flashing his generous smile. The way he wore his tousled brown curly hair, combined with the scholarly pair of glasses, helped to give him an intellectual look–and he was smart—

His talented girlfriend, Janice, designed and made original clothing. Jack and Janice lived in different places on the Coastside, near Cowboy’s Surf Shop and near the top of the El Granada Highlands.

Remembering that our heater was down, and that I did not know how to light a flame safely, and that I was afraid to make my way through the shadows in the crawl space…..I asked Jack if he would help us.

Not a moment of hesitation, and, fifteen minutes later, dear Jack wouldn’t take a little gift of thanks from us, as we had much to be grateful for once the rooms were warming up.

That was the last time I saw Jack King. I heard he moved to San Francisco, somewhere near San Francisco General Hospital. Burt and I hope that life is treating him well. We will always remember Jack King by the act of kindness he performed for us on that gloomy day long ago.


Dear June,

I lived with Jack King at 2040 Laguna st. in San Francisco back in the day. Could you tell me if Jack is still around.  If so and you see him give him my Email address and to contact me.

Wally Hawkins¬† [email protected]
June: Who is Wally Hawkins?
Wally:We might have crossed paths back then I was a member of the Family Dog(still there in my heart) did backups and played congas with a band call the Initial Shock. I now sing Jazz at the Sacramento Jazz jubillee and at their music scenes every 2nd Sunday at the Dante hall in Sacramento.

I’ve Always Loved This Photo

of Half Moon Bay building consultant Chad Hooker, wearing the shades (at left) and local beloved character, Jack King, who could recite the finest poetry at the drop of a hat. Word for word. Perfectly. If you look closely you’ll see my face behind the glass. This shot was taken at my house in the 1970s.