1872: Not a “Ponzi” But a SCAM: diamonds grow on trees, you know

San Francisco History: The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872
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Asbury Harpending wrote “The Great Diamond Hoax.”

I wonder why Hollywood hasn’t done something with The Great Diamond Hoax, a true story of post-Gold Rush California.. I can see a documentary but wouldn’t a movie be better? One of the chief characters in The Great Diamond Hoax was  USGS legend Clarence King, who had earned the description: “man of mystery.” Unfortunately mysterious people don’t tell other people waht they are up to. Clarence King was one of the “good guys,” and although he had a home back East where his fascinating circle of friends included the historian Henry Adams and his artist wife Clover.  Some years ago I read Patricia O’Toole’s The Five of Hearts.

I loved reading about the  special relationship between pioneer geologist Clarence King, Henry Adams, great grandson of President John Adams; artist/photographer Clover Adams; Ambassador John Hay and his wife Clara. The author calls them “The Five of Hearts.”

Back to who would Hollywood cast in the role of Clarence King  in a  movie based on the Great Diamond Hoax? Immediately Brad Pitt came to mind. I know, that’s not an original thought, is it?