RIP Frank Sylvestri: The Half Moon Bay Airport Was All About Frank

Frank Sylvestri WAS the Half Moon Bay Airport; his hangar was called “West Coast Aviation,” with a giant cartoon of Snoopy on the roof. You know the one. You’ve seen it a million times driving south toward Half Moon Bay.

The former WWII pilot passed away on Wednesday, his son, Paul told me today.

The road parallel to Highway 1, leading to the Three-Zero Restaurant at the Half Moon Bay Airport is called “Frank Sylvestri Way.” Isn’t it nice when the County names something after a real local person?

In 1950 Frank became the manager of the airport, holding that position for nearly three decades when he decided to start up business in his famous hangar called “West Coast Aviation.” Oh, and you know in that classic 1957 movie “The Spirit of St. Louis”, starring James Stewart–it isn’t Stewart piloting the plane with the same name as the film—it’s our own Frank Sylvestri, a very good reason to rent the movie. Some of the scenes were filmed in Princeton-by-the-Sea.

If you want to know more about Frank, please visit the restaurant, enjoy a meal, and read the plaque on the wall. It’s all about Frank.