I Hear From Frank Hillman, a [Herbert] Hoover “Jr. Hi” Classmate

Photo: At right, Frank Hillman fooling around with friend Ron Bryant–jr hi days.
hillman.jpgThats an even bigger surprise! You still have that picture of Ron and myself. . That is Great!! I guess what happened to me was i went to Poly along with John Alexander and a few others from Hoover. I always thought i got cheated –leaving all my friends having to go to Poly. Still enjoyed it but always missed the West Portal and Hoover classmates.

I live in SF (Noe Valley) Have 2 grown daughters. Worked at S&C Ford for many years. One of my neighbors in Rodney May. I think its fantastic that you all remained close contact
with many of the girls. How about the guys?? I still have my West Portal School class pictures from 58,59, and 60. If you do not and would like copies i can make a few . Thanks again for the picture…Frank