Did Parallel Parking Change the Flavor of Historic Main Street, HMB?

You decide.


(View from the hill overlooking Half Moon Bay. To find Main Street, look for the “cupola.”)


smalltrees3jpg.jpg (The Independent Order of OddFellows (IOOF), a landmark building in Half Moon Bay stands to the left.)


(The IOOF building stands to the left and the trees in front are larger.)

Has parallel parking ruined the historic look of Half Moon Bay’s Main Street?

Good Crowd At HMB Chamarita Today

Below, the beautiful Half Moon Bay Chamarita Queen, Elizabeth Rocha, holding the crown emerges from the service at the Catholic Church, behind her two pretty “side” queens, Christina and Melissa; a member of the Half Moon Bay High School band takes a break, and three cute “little” queens take your heart away. Big enthusiastic crowd this year–lots of applause for the HMB High School band–they were terrific.



History of the Coastside’s Beautiful Chamarita (6)

Throughout the decades the Chamarita has grown to include Festival Queens from Tracy, Newark and Santa Clara participating in the celebration at Half Moon Bay. But the Chamartia remains a small town festival sporting a carnival atmosphere with a Ferris Wheel and carousel.

Originally, Pescadero and Half Moon Bay jointly celebrated the Chamarita, but in 1900, apparently after a series of squabbles, ties between the sister-communities were severed. Since then–with only one interruption during WWII when soldiers occupied the I.D.E.S. building on Main Street, Pescadero has sponsored its own Chamarita.

Although the Chamarita has been celebrated on the Coastside for more than 100 years, many people remain unaware of the colorful pageant.