Hot New Mavericks Exhibit Will Make You Feel Like You’re Surfing…

…When, in fact, you’re standing in a historic Redwood City courthouse 40-feet up from the street outside.

Mitch Postel, top man at the San Mateo County History Mueum in Redwood City, explains:

Dear June,

……Next up is a permanent exhibit with Coastside interest. We are going to create a computerized, interactive display on the big Maverick’s surfing contest at Pillar Point. The exhibit will include an outlook from one of our windows, 40 feet above the plaza, as high up as a surfer gets when riding that most fearsome wave. Surfing artifacts, videos, and, of course, a virtual ride will be part of the fun. Internationally regarded surfer, Grant Washburn, is our advisor on the project.

I bet you know people on the Coastside who will be interested in this one!


Mitch Postel