Videos from Ron Laughlin: Thinking about A Big Getaway? All about New Zealand

[Below two images of Fiordland National Park]



Ron Laughlin (“Mr. New Zealand”)  says: June I did do these  videos with more to come. I will cover the entire country……..Ron

All videos by Ron Laughlin (I think of him as Mr. New Zealand===he is a New Zealand travel expert) Music by his sister-in-law’s partner.

Did you know his wife will drive you to all these places? Wow!!!

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AQueenstown to Fiordland National Park 

Wanaka to Queenstown 

 Haast to Wanaka –

Mackenzie Country – 

Travel Guide # 1 – 

Travel Guide # 2 – 

West Coast part One – 

West Coast Part Two –  

    Arthurs Pass – 

He’s not “Murray” from HBO’s hilarious “Flight of the Conchords”

he’s Ron Laughlin, New Zealand Travel Guide. If you have HBO, check out the original new series: Flight of the Conchords. T

It’s on right after “Big Love,” another well-casted series with an addictive story line.

Story & New Zealand photos courtesy of Ron Laughlin

Here are but a very few of the photographs I have in stock. Somewhere in the 10,000+ range now……..and, below, a brief story on who I am and what I do……………mostly a travel advisor now for hundreds of visitors to New Zealand plus the writing and photography…………………..



Ron is originally from the US and has extensively traveled the world. He was born in Ohio but calls the Florida Keys his real home. Sailed all the Caribbean, lived in Mexico, and Belize. Been to Europe, South America, Central America, Canada, Asia, and islands of the Pacific, Australia and all the US except Alaska. His favourite spot on the map is New Zealand.

First visited New Zealand in 1989 traveling the length and breadth of the country for six weeks in a campervan. Met Paula Martin in Queenstown. After his return home Paula came to the US to visit. They have been married now since 1990 and have shared some of the above lifestyle together. Returned to New Zealand from our home on Holbox, a remote island in Mexico, in 1992.


The two of them and their two cats have now been on the road full time since leaving management jobs in Wellington July 2003 spending the travel time mostly in the South Island. In the winter months of June, July and August they travel the North Island.
Every major highway, every city and town large or small they have visited in every region of the South Island and most of the North plus a majority of the secondary roads. They have discovered hidden treasures unknown to anyone but perhaps the locals. Both love good food and wine. Paula visits all the galleries and museums to sell the jewellery she designs –


They are coffee addicts searching out only the best. As a result they also have a website of what they feel are the best places to find good coffee in New Zealand
Paula and Ron visit and check out wineries and restaurants, lodges and holiday parks, activities and walks, and local pubs for the real feel of New Zealand as a part of their schedule. Ron carries a fly rod, a spinning rod and a surf rod and all the gear to try to tempt a few fish on line. Not very good at it though. Never mind they have sought out and discovered the best places to buy fresh fish along the way.
Ron now writes for the New Zealand Motorhomes and Destinations monthly magazine plus does photography work for Festivals. The majority of time is taken up by creating personal itineraries for visitors to New Zealand. Go to the website – New Zealand Travel Guide for the complete story –……………..


Hi June,

Thnak you for that………….you have a fabulous website there………..I have been in contact with Chad ever since you provided the info also a big thank you.
I saw the Conchords before they went off to become famous. The NZ TV will begin showing them here this year finally I understand………….

Still at it helping people enjoy their holidays here……………
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