Eyewitness Report From Truck Fire on Hwy 92

Both lanes on Hwy 92 are open now–but it took Burt 1 hour and ten minutes of waiting on the road–due to a big rig fire which closed down the highway.

Burt says the fire occurred on the west side of 92 in east-bound lanes. “The truck was completely burned, the cab was burned. How could that have happened?”

He saw one firetruck and numerous CHP (California Highway Patrol) vehicles at the scene of the fire. The remains of the truck have been pulled to the side of the road (we haven’t heard what happened to the driver…we hope he’s okay).

“The traffic was just horrible,” says Burt who sat in his car behind two garbage trucks. “The trucks made it impossible for me to see what was going on.”

Now that both sides of Highway 92 are open again, Burt says he sees hundreds of cars backed-up waiting to head west to Half Moon Bay.