Every-Body, Let’s Vote: Who’s Got the Best Windows to Watch This Week’s Big Storm from?


Who’s got the best windows to watch this week’s GREAT STORM from? Vote & Email me: [email protected].

Sam’s Chowder House (Highway 1, between Miramar, Princeton & Across the Road from El Granada). Beautifully remodeled, formerly the site of “Cannery Row” “Ida’s.” Every seat in the house gets an ocean/harbor view out of the Big Picture Windows. Great Storm Watching

MiramarHMiramar Beach Inn (Miramar Beach) Originally an early Prohibition-era roadhouse with a red-haired madam.. To watch the rain and wind, ask for a window seat. Window seats are limited but worth it for storm watching.

Moss Beach Distillery (Moss Beach) Originally a late Prohibition-era roadhouse with a bull ring motif on the floor of the bar. Big windows overlooking the famous Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, lots of vast ocean views. Ask for a window seat.

La Costanera (Montara Beach) Originally a circa 1950s restaurant owned by the Torres family, who also built the Distillery. When pummeled with wind and rain, Montara Beach is a scene to behold from the big floor-to-ceiling windows.

Mezza Luna (Princeton-by-the-Sea) Originally the Ocean Shore Railroad era Princeton Inn, a hotel. The most historical building in Princeton. Sit by the window and you will catch delightful views of the harbor.

Crab Landing (Princeton-by-the-Sea) New restaurant located in what was the center of Prohibition activity–and in the 1940s a small “Cannery Row.” Great storm views of the boats bobbing in the harbor from all the seats in the house. Big Windows.

Vote now! Which one’s the best to watch this week’s GREAT STORM from?

What’d I miss?

Coastsider.com’s Barry Parr says:

Interesting question. I was trying to think of a less-expensive setting.

I visited the opening of La Costanera, and it looks like the view of the storm should be spectacular from the bluff overlooking Montara Beach. It has been close to ten years since I’ve been in that building. I visited the Charthouse once and that was plenty. But with the new menu, I think plenty of Coastsiders will be rediscovering this setting.

If you don’t mind getting wet and blown about, the bluff above the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve might be an interesting choice. It was the setting for a spectacular storm scene at the beginning of “Memoirs of a Geisha”

to view the scene, please click here: http://coastsider.ultralocal.com/gallery/index.php?album=Memoirs_of_a_Geishaℑ=IMG_2620_001.jpg

Barry Parr: coastsider.com


debmkDeb & Michael Wong from Spring Mountain Gallery Says:

Hi June,

You covered all of the ones we first thought of. Michael & I brainstormed (ha ha – “stormed”), and since we both grew up in Pacifica, can’t leave out Nick’s Coctail Lounge, or Ristorante Portofino in the Best Western Lighthouse Hotel. Both restaurants have huge windows & ocean views.


Of course, if your budget is very modest, the famous Linda Mar Taco Bell on Hwy 1 offers a scenic view of Linda Mar Beach, and maybe those dedicated surfers who might be out there, rain or shine. On the other end of the spectrum, the Ritz Carleton’s Conservatory Lounge can be accessed – if you have the bucks or the inclination to stay at the Ritz. I guess the only other place that has a cool view of the ocean & is cozy is Pete Douglas’ Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society/Ebb Tide Cafe, though it isn’t always open – there are awesome views, especially upstairs.

JohnVExplorer John Vonderlin says:

WaveWatch.com has reduced the swell to about 11 feet, nice, but not Maverick’s style, so don’t expect waves washing down your street, just a nice start to our rainy season. It looks like the Storm Door might be open, with several pulses of moisture following the front. Hope so.
John Vonderlin adds: I bet the breeching of the lagoons at Pescadero and San Gregorio  would be interesting sights. So would the waterfalls like Finney or Purissima. I don’t think the latter is officially open, but I doubt anyone will be there. If I’m able to pull it off I hope to get pictures on Wednesday of something interesting.
Keith Mangold says:
Hi June, Any bluff – depending on the direction it arrives from –
surfers beach bluff is almost always good because of the 180 degree
view – or Montara, depending on the wind – Moss Beach tends to get so
choppy that you can’t always appreciate the magnitude of the storm.
Miramontes to the South.

Jennifer Castner says:
Hi June!

Not that I’ve been to Costanera yet, but that’d be my pick for best storm-watching location.

Hope the storm lives up to at least some of the hype!
Sharon Bertolucci (President, Cypress Ridge Appraisal Service, Moss Beach) says:
Hi June,
I don’t really know, unless you want to sit in your car over on Vallemar Street in Moss Beach, or over by Maverick’s in the car?! You got them all that I can think of,,,,,,oh maybe by the new restaurant in Montara!
……….Where the HMB Brewing Company was the other Ida’s only it was a much smaller building then…….Take Care stay Dry!
Have Fun, watching the storm!

Anonymous says:

The best place to watch the storm is from a boat, close enough to see the shore, but far enough out to have a 360 degree view. The second best place to watch the storm is from the Oceano Hotel and Spa. There are two rooms with windows on two sides. I don’t remember their numbers but they are around 315. If the storm gets vigorous enough, you may even get some water from under the door.


Artist Susan Friedman says:

Hi June,

I think the beat place to watch the storm in my Studio on the Mountain curled up by the fire….Best,   Susan
Studio on the Mountain

Susan Friedman
[email protected]