AMC’S Mad Men: Don is “Smokin’ Hot” & Betty Plays a Cool Hard to Get….Who’s Having A Better Time?

Tonight on Madmen

June Asks: Who’s having a better time?

Mr Francis to MMS3-Betty-517Mrs. Draper: “I don’t know what you want, Betty.” I give her points for throwing the cash box at his head. Too bad he ducked. Mr. Francis, the right hand man to the politician, Rockefeller, says to a fantasy- frustrated Betty–who had worn a beautiful dress with a low cut back at a fundraiser she hosted, and that he, Francis, strategically did not attend– “You had to come to me.” He closes and locks his office door. “Why?” asks Betty, who’s looking for revenge and the locked door could be the excuse.  “Because you’re married,” he said.


MMS3-Don-517Don Draper to sallySally, his daughter’s teacher: “What does it matter to a person like you?” And what kind of a person is Sally? Well, she’s single, spouts existentialist lines,  lives above somebody’s garage, and when Don walked in, he said: “Nice place.”

June Admits: This is familiar terrain. I’ve been down both of these roads before.