Deb Wong: Checkin’ In

From Deb Wong, Spring Mountain Gallery, Main Street. HMB

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Hi June,

Another busy week….the pig in the pic usually sits outside next to the front door when we are open.  Take care, Deb& Michael Wong


John Vonderlin: Wow Image: Eclipse from the Ship

Story from John Vonderlin

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Hi June,
Kent and Carol, my neighbors, just got back from China and an “eclipse tour.” Here’s a digital photo he sent me. There will be plenty more he’ll share with me soon. Enjoy. John

John’s neighbors Kent & Carol explain:

Mid Totality point, bow of the ship, calm seas near Iwo Jima
Approximately 11AM – July 22, 2009, temperature drop of about 15 degrees
Clouds in horizon backlit by sun at 25 miles distance


720 Kelly Ave Is Now Weller/O’Brien Insurance Services

-3Hi June,

I heard that there was a dentist named Dr. Shields in this office…a long time ago!



Weller/O’Brien Insurance Services

Professional Insurance Associates

720 Kelly Avenue

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

(650) 726-6328

Please note that we have moved to our new office at

720 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay, 94019.

1927: Dr. William A. Brooke, Surgeon with the Ocean Shore

From the “Redwood City Standard,” December 15, 1927

“Death Claimed Dr. William A. Brooke, coroner and public administrator of San Mateo county, at his house in Half Moon Bay last Saturday night. He had been critically ill for the past several months and his passing was not unexpected.

“Born in El Dorado county, near Placerville, 62 years ago, Dr. Brooke came to Half Moon Bay in 1906 as a surgeon for the Ocean Shore Railroad Company, which was then under construction. In 1915 he was appointed county coroner and public administrator, succeeding Dr. H. Plymire of South San Francisco, who passed away at that time. Dr. Brooke continued in office up to the time of his death being re-elected each time by large majorities. He was one of the most popular officials of the county, his genial ways and generous disposition winning him many friends. He was frequently commended by grand juries and by the Superior Court for the careful and excellent manner in which he conducted business of estates under his supervision. An added sad feature in connection with the death of Dr. Brooke was that his mother, Mrs. V.C. Brooke of Sacramento, passed away last week and was buried on Saturday. Mrs. Brooke was a pioneer of the Sacramento Valley and was the oldest living graduate of the College of the Pacific at San Jose.

“Dr. Brooke was active in lodge circles, being a member of San Mateo Lodge No. 1112, BPOE, San Mateo Lodge No. 440 F&M, and California Bodies of Scottish Rite Masonry, and Seaside Parlor of Native Sons.

“He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Jennie A.  Brooke, two brothers, Morris and Roy Brooke, and two sisters, Miss Clara Brooke and and Mrs. Lutie McCann, all of Sacramento…”


From “Biographies of Representative Men”

“Dr. Brooke was born 52 years ago at Dranion Springs, a little town near Placerville in El Dorado County. He studied medicine at Cooper Medical College in San Francisco, and practiced first in Sacramento, as intern in the City and County Hospital, later moving to Alameda. He came to Halfmoon Bay, eleven years ago, and has resided there ever since. He is a member of the San Mateo Medical Society and American Medical Association. He was appointed Coroner and Public Administrator on April 7, 1915, which term he is now serving. His personal popularity and professional ability have won for him the highest regard of his fellow citizens.

“He also belongs to a number of fraternal organizations, among them being the Masons, Native Sons, Eagles and Maccabees.”

Long Ago the Half Moon Bay Brewery Burned to the Ground

Partial Story from the “Coastside Advocate”

No date, probably 1890s.


“The Halfmoon Bay Brewery Burned to the Ground”

“Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! was the dread cry that went up from a score of lusty throats and was echoed and re-echoed through the streets of Halfmoon Bay last Saturday night at half-past eleven o’clock. Almost immediately the harsh clanging of bells and sharp report report of fire-arms added emphasis to the fearful alarm.

“People rushed from their homes and into the streets to seek the location of the conflagration. They had not long to seek. The southeastern portion of the town was already illuminated by long tongues of flame, hissing and roaring as they greedily consumed the dry and resinous timber.

“Schubert’s brewery was on fire! The flames were well under way and it was evident at a first glance that the building and its contents were doomed.

“The able-bodied population of town was on hand with commendable promptness and was soon fighting the relentless flames with a determination which is shown only on occasions of this kind.

“The baseball club’s dance was in full progress at the time the alarm was given and the dancers fled in a body to the fire and went to work with a will.

“As it was impossible to save the brewery the people directed their efforts toward saving the residence and barn, the former of which was almost adjoining the building now in flames. A few cool heads soon took control of the operations, dispelled the confusion and got the crowd to work systematically. Bucket brigades were formed and water was passed along to those stationed in the pathway of the fire, who, by its judicial use were enabled to extinguish the incipient flames on the rear portion of the residence as fast as they could catch.

“The scene was grand and exciting. The huge mass of flames reaching fifty feet in height, reflected back by the dense fog overhead, cast a gleam over the adjacent portion of town, illuminating every nook and cranny with a lurid glare. The excited multitude running to and fro in their frantic efforts to do what should be done; the babel of voices and roaring of the fiery vortex, all made a scene which impressed one with nervous fascination.

“Regardless of the admonition of caution and deliberation administered by the cool heads among the workers, the crowd rushed into the dwelling, smashed windows, broke furniture and upset things generally. Although working with the best intentions to save property, they did much unnecessary damage.

“The greatest drawback in the successful handling of the fire was the scarcity of water. No hydrant was available near at hand and water had to be carried from Mrs. Haffords, Quinlan’s and from the hydrant on Simmon’s corner and the creek. Time and again the back of the residence caught fire from the intense heat, but through the persevering and faithful efforts of the citizens the residence and massive [words missing] and a good portion of the town was saved.

“The fire lasted about four hours and nothing remained of the brewery but a heap of smoldering ashes and chimneys, furnace and cellar.

“Mr. Schubert estimates [his damage at] $12,000 on which he will receive insurance–$3,869 on the brewery, $280 on the residence, set by the insurers of the company in which he was insured.

“The fire was first discovered by Mr. Smith, who saw the reflected light in his room….”

[While there is more to this article, I cannot

Ron Laughlin: Amazing [Possible] Discovery! My secret contact in New Zealand Reports:

Story  by Ron Laughlin

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New Zealand a couple of week ago experienced the largest earthquake in the world this year.

Luckily it was in the very remote part of the South Island in the Fiordland National Park and as such the areas of human population were not hardly affected.


Something else has happened I think. A close friend of mine, a helicopter pilot who has spent his entire life living by the area and working in the remote areas of it deer culling, etc , has called to tell me something relative to what he had mentioned several years ago in confidence.

In a very remote lake…so remote he had only been there a couple of times in his life and had never landed as there was nowhere to land…..he had confided in me he had seen what appeared to be a very large type “Loch Ness” style animal in the lake. He circled a couple of times but it had disappeared on him. On several curious occasions since he has gone out of his way to pass over this particular lake but never again was to see anything suspicious. He never told anyone but me as he did not wish to be laughed at.

He called the other day after having surveyed the area after the quake and he was certain he spotted something that looked as it had before. He didn’t want to tell anyone locally.

He called me to ask if I would come with him to do a photographic expedition to get real evidence before he spoke to anyone.

So this summer I am putting together just such an expedition with him and  going in to photograph.

I will have him lower me to the area and camp out there for awhile to see if I can really see anything and hopefully get some evidence of it.

Perhaps the earthquake created a situation that disturbed the creature to move up fro the depths.

Who knows? I hope to find out…………………Ron