Did you see the latest “Mad Men” on AMC?

Yes, Olive (Copy Writer Peggy Olson’s secretary)…. Peggy Olson, played by superb actress Elizabeth Moss emoss

is going to do everything you want for her. She’s going to get to do everything she wants. Peggy Olson is not afraid.

[Wasn’t Jimmy Olson the name of the newspaper photographer in the original “Superman?” Maybe she’s his “sister.” ]

Great script tonight. Thank you, “Mad Men” writers!

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Image Maker Deb Wong “Checks In”

Story by Deb Wong

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(Image of Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Deb Wong]

Just checkin’ in, to see how you are doing.

We have been extra busy of late. In addition to  the usual framing & photography gigs, we are gearing up for our first  Pumpkin Fest.  We’re a bit trepidatious about it – usually, we are out of  town during that weekend. But since we are now on the flight  path….er…route….we figured we’d give it a shot. Had to register for a  permit, as our sales will be outdoors, and we are learning a lot about permits  and Planning Commissions, of late.

Yesterday I sold one of my Pigeon Point  Lighthouse photos to some tourists, and I printed out a few of my dual  lighthouse compositions (see attached) for anyone who wants to see the Montara  Lighthouse and the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in one picture.  Then  I read this weeks’ HMB Review, and saw an article featuring both  lighthouses. Coincidence?  Yeah, probably!

More later…hope you can get out & enjoy  this lovely weekend!

1959: Ocean Shore Right-of-Way Legally Dead

“Plans of a group of investors to some day reconstruct the old Ocean Shore railroad line were dealt another blow yesterday when Superior Court Judge Alfred Mundo ruled against the company in a quiet title action…”

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