Image Maker Deb Wong “Checks In”

Story by Deb Wong

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(Image of Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Deb Wong]

Just checkin’ in, to see how you are doing.

We have been extra busy of late. In addition to  the usual framing & photography gigs, we are gearing up for our first  Pumpkin Fest.  We’re a bit trepidatious about it – usually, we are out of  town during that weekend. But since we are now on the flight  path….er…route….we figured we’d give it a shot. Had to register for a  permit, as our sales will be outdoors, and we are learning a lot about permits  and Planning Commissions, of late.

Yesterday I sold one of my Pigeon Point  Lighthouse photos to some tourists, and I printed out a few of my dual  lighthouse compositions (see attached) for anyone who wants to see the Montara  Lighthouse and the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in one picture.  Then  I read this weeks’ HMB Review, and saw an article featuring both  lighthouses. Coincidence?  Yeah, probably!

More later…hope you can get out & enjoy  this lovely weekend!