Ron Laughlin: Amazing [Possible] Discovery! My secret contact in New Zealand Reports:

Story  by Ron Laughlin

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New Zealand a couple of week ago experienced the largest earthquake in the world this year.

Luckily it was in the very remote part of the South Island in the Fiordland National Park and as such the areas of human population were not hardly affected.


Something else has happened I think. A close friend of mine, a helicopter pilot who has spent his entire life living by the area and working in the remote areas of it deer culling, etc , has called to tell me something relative to what he had mentioned several years ago in confidence.

In a very remote lake…so remote he had only been there a couple of times in his life and had never landed as there was nowhere to land…..he had confided in me he had seen what appeared to be a very large type “Loch Ness” style animal in the lake. He circled a couple of times but it had disappeared on him. On several curious occasions since he has gone out of his way to pass over this particular lake but never again was to see anything suspicious. He never told anyone but me as he did not wish to be laughed at.

He called the other day after having surveyed the area after the quake and he was certain he spotted something that looked as it had before. He didn’t want to tell anyone locally.

He called me to ask if I would come with him to do a photographic expedition to get real evidence before he spoke to anyone.

So this summer I am putting together just such an expedition with him and  going in to photograph.

I will have him lower me to the area and camp out there for awhile to see if I can really see anything and hopefully get some evidence of it.

Perhaps the earthquake created a situation that disturbed the creature to move up fro the depths.

Who knows? I hope to find out…………………Ron