Ocean City in Half Moon Bay?

Story from John Vonderlin
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Hi June,
This article from the July 19th, 1905 issue of the San Francisco “Call,” has a number of interesting names: Pickering, Presho, McMahon, and Bloom. But, it was the name “Ocean City,” they’d picked for their planned resort that got my attention. Does that mean anything? Was it built? In any form? or just another lost dream? Nothing I can find in the old newspapers, so far. Enjoy. John

Large Force Is Employed near Half Moon Bay
on the Ocean Shore Electric Line
Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars Paid
for Three Ranches at the Seaside
Special Dispatch to The Call. HALFMOON BAY, July I8.— Actual work in building the Ocean Shore Electric Railroad has commenced. Notwithstanding the fact that surveys were made, rights of way purchased, and large tracts of outside land bought, the people of the coast side still were in doubt whether the promoters of the railway intended to carry out their plans. The beginning of work, however, settles this doubt highly to the satisfaction of tho residents ot this part of San Mateo County. Track building has commenced between Lobitos and Amesport, where a large force of men under tha direction of Contractor Pickering of Sonoma is at work, Pickering is an experienced man, as he had charge of the building of the electric road in Sonoma County. Another gang of workmen, 150 in all, is employed in blasting and grading at Point San Pedro, fourteen miles north of this town. While the road builders are thus actively engaged, the promoters of the big enterprise are losing no time in acquiring sites for their proposed seaside resort, which they intend to call Ocean City. The final transfer of the Presho, McMahon and Bloom ranches has been made, and the purchase price. $l60,000 has been paid by the Ocean Shore people. The site of the new seaside resort will be on the Presho-McMahon ranches.