John Vonderlin: Where was “El Mar” Beach?

Story from John Vonderlin

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Hi June,

Here’s an interesting ad, for a place that apparently doesn’t exist anymore, El Mar Beach. Or is there still an El Mar Beach tract in Half Moon Bay, that doesn’t make it to the Internet? These two ads appeared in the August 12th and October 12th, 1907 issues of “The Call.” I’m assuming the ad copy is describing the resort to be named “Ocean City” that I posted about recently. I’m down with the mirth and music, would be tolerant of the gaities, but think I’ll have to  pass on the electric effects. Enjoy. John




Offers exceptional investment advantages. It

is on Halfmoon Bay, in the immediate vicinity

of EL MAR BEACH, that the Ocean Shore Rail-

way Company will establish the Atlantic City

of this coast.  We  are near enough to it to

get the advantages of its gaities, mirth, music

and electric effects. The Ocean Shore people

have announced their  intention of  erectng a

large casino and bathing pavilion, power plant,

machine works, bath house, hotels, etc., upon

the completion of this railroad. This is your

opportunity. The great fortunes of this coun-

try have been made through real estate specu-

lations. Today thare is no land speculation

in or around San Francisco that promises as

great returns as an investment in lots in

Half moon Bay. You cannot make too big

an investment in EL MAR BEACH, and you

cannot make it too soon to secure the choicest

lots. This is your opportunity to buy at the

original prices; take advantage of it, for in

the very near future prices will enhance ma-


Call and arrange for free transportation.

Excursions Wednesday and Sunday

Jay C. POWERS & Co., 131 Investors

building. 787; Market st.