From Craig To Katie on her 44th Birthday

“Image below: rare parrot flower from Thailand…courtesy Darlene Wagner…)

rareparrottvlowerKatie’s Day

It’s Katie’s day, too far away
To hold her close, to go and play
To drink a toast to all her years
See her beauty, quell her fears …

That time as taken, from her face
Or her bodys supple grace
Not true, I know. For I have seen,
Her sleeping smile, while in a dream

I’ve seen her walk, with kittens trailing,
A loving mother, never failing
To help them grow, to fill their needs
She shows them birdies, eating seeds

A small girls joy still lives inside,
Though masked sometimes by Irish pride
She’s still a child at forty-four
I pray she loves me forty more

For I have come to love her ways
Through many nights, and equal days,
That love has made my burdens lighter
And now it makes my future brighter

I hope I never am away,
Again, when it is Katie’s day.

Happy Birthday Darling

I love you,