Deb Wong Keeps Me in the Loop (On Historic Main Street, HMB)

[Image by Deb & Mike Wong.]



Story by Deb Wong
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Hi June,

How are you doing?   We have been quite busy at the gallery. The new location DOES make a difference, especially where foot traffic is concerned.  We have sold quite a few of our framed photos (mostly ocean scenes for tourists, and for Fathers Day).  I have also sold 3 of the one attached, which is a composite of photos that I took on our trips to the Grand Tetons and Nevada. It just has an old west feel to it.  But ocean scenes are tops on the sales list. Dave Cresson knows this well.  He is considering putting a gallery in the vacated furniture store spot, featuring many local and ocean scenes.  An added complication is the construction going on downtown right now, which seems more like “obstruction” for many businesses, and Eddie Andrieni told us that it is “…going to get worse before it gets better.”  But that is all temporary, and we are anticipating that things will improve on the economic front soon.