The Olympic Club John Vonderlin told us about

John, I don’t know about an Olympic Club being contemplated for Half Moon Bay. There is the Olympic Club Golf Course (?) on Skyline Blvd in Daly City-Pacifica near the old horse ranch and the Pacific Ocean. Gorgeous spot.

The club, which also has a spectacular yacht club in the Marina, probably is well endowed, but certainly the financial crash hurt it like everyone else.

However, the El Granada Country Club was considered in the 1920s and 30s, and somewhere there may be sketches of the plans. I have some promotional material.

Perhaps the Olympic Club considered moving to the El Granada Highlands. I believe, at one time, some “heavy hitters”  invested in land up there, with faraway views of Pillar Point Harbor. (I’m a flatlander myself.)

Which brings me to the other location of the Olympic Club, the beautiful white pillared  business=looking arty building which I think has lovely amenities like a big pool. I love to swim. 

Next door stands the ivy covered brick (?) Bohemian Club. I know them both, not because I was a member,  but because I worked as a public information officer for the Society to Prevent Blindness, a nonprofit, and from time to time, the board of directors planned  lunch at one or the other. Once or twice a year.  Not bad, eh?

Good paintings on the walls. Old California art.

At the time the Bohemian allowed women in only one part of the building; that may have changed now. I don’t know. I didn’t care even then.I was hungry and I think you could actually tell whether you were getting chicken or fish. (Those of you who have had that weird experience: what is this? fish or chicken? Know what I mean)

(Sidelight: I also hate pumping my own gas. I still haven’t figured out how to hook up the thingy so I can stand back and watch. That means I hold the pump the whole time. Remember the nice young guys who used to do that for free? Long ago.)

The Board of Directors of my non-profit were old time San Franciscans, doctors and bankers and the like.  One guy had the gold watch hanging out of his suit pants pocket. And his voice–from the 19th century.

 At least one board member was a higher-up at Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco. You may know they have had differences with the US government over taking or not taking the Tarp funds. 

I just want you to know that the Wells Fargo men were very solid and old-fashioned. I’m talking about the older men.  I was so surprised Wells Fargo was treated unfairly during congressional  hearings –arguments over taking or not taking the money. Those guys from Wells were the straightest, most honest, upright men I have ever know. Long live Wells Fargo!

P.S. As I recall—-and please, please, correct me, Wells said they didn’t want the Tarp  money because they had made NO BAD loans (re: real estate). They didn’t need TARP money; it was a burden to them.

I’m not ashamed to reveal that I’m not political (just a way to steal taxpayer’s money, these days, I think)—in fact at some point I will re-  register as an independent, as if that matters. I have been a Democrat, a Republican and a Libertarian but none of these parties seem to reflect my beliefs. All of them have disappointed me.