Talk Talk Talk.

As you know, I live in El Granada. Not only was my partner-in-life very ill, but a longtime neighbor, Bob Phipps is also very sick. I have always liked Bob and Connie Phipps. They live directly across the street from me.

One Christmas one of the Phipps put a Christmas card on my door telling me that we (me ex, John Morrall) were the best neighbors on the block. We never complained. We were loosey-goosey. 

I do have to mention one thing, though, Connie and Bob: Remember “Ralph” the dog? Who could forget “Ralph?” Well, I won’t get into it, but those were the days when leashes were unnecessary and all the animals ran wild. Maybe “wild” isn’t the right word. They were free to chase and do whatever. I used to look for “Ralph” in the bushes but he was good to me. 

I wish you well, Bob Phipps. I know he gets picked up by the senior center folks–he’s always been such a social guy. Good friends with Duane who once owned El Granada Market.

Because I do not want to invade anyones privacy–Id like to say that a man whose name begins with J and is married to a woman whose name begins with B has also been seriously unwell. I like J a lot—he’s a “sailor” which means he likes to travel.

Closer to my house on my side of the street an old friend is getting old. I don’t know about the state of his health but his wife is so good to him. They like to walk but it’s obvious the walking isn’t easy anymore.