Has inflation arrived?

I went to the pet store to buy some kitty food and the usual kind I bought had not only shrunk in package size, but the price was much much higher. Little package, high price.

Time to lay low and cut back on non-essentials. I’m dropping as many things as possible and think everybody should do the same. I only have one credit card which I plan to drop. The car I have is a problem because it is leased and is a real gas-eater. When the Greyhound Bus was the only transportation from El Granada to San Francisco, that’s how I got to work every day. I am looking at taking the local bus more often now.

Luckily, I don’t eat much. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but when I saw that cat food, I knew something had changed, and when I mentioned it to the clerk, he agreed.

And, fortunately recreation is nearby. Remember I am an older person so I am sure this won’t affect younger people as much.

If you have any ideas on what to cut back on, please email me so I can post the info.