Collin Tiura: On holiday in Costa Rica

Story and photos from Collin Tiura


Here are a few shots: we’re on a mangrove tour with Rafa ‘father of the monkeys’


and his son Jon. Rafa has names for many of them and they come down out of the trees for him; I did some fishing in the mangroves the next day with Jon, no fish but I captured a beautiful baby green iguana and took him to our house for a pal to our black iguana, who hangs out on our deck and under my (Jeff Clark) board; me repairing one of our deck chairs on a gloomy day; a photo of our great friend David Guzman and his family and I’m holding David’s son, our God-son Kyle (what an honor); flicks of Carol feeding the monkeys and even them sitting on her-it’s the end of the dry season and they are surrounded by salt water-Rafa even brings fresh water as well as bananas.