WWII: Was John Reber a Wonder or a Blunder? B category looks good to me.

(The following piece is related to the Reber Plan; he’s the guy who wanted to turn San Francisco Bay into one giant lake after WWII. With military highways and military airports, too. I like the military highways because they are here, today, like Highway 101. I never thought of it as a military road; I thought it was for commuters, but I guess John Reber had other ideas…)

California Farmer (Pacific Rural Press–California Cultivators)

83 Stevenson Street

San Francisco 5, California

96th Year


The number one problem of California is water.

That’s why the California Farmer devotes so much time to the Reber Plan (discussed on the blog; I’ll find the link later) , and why I serve as president of the non-profit corporation which boosts the Rober Plan.

We are are wasting more good, fresh Central Valley Water through the Golden Gate each year than would be required to refill the underground and supply all the surface needs in the State.

Briefly the Reber Plan would build two wide earthn dams across San Francisco Bayand create two fresh water lakes in the north and the south, both connected by sa shipping channel.

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