I don’t often post traveling videos

this special  one, featuring mostly very funny  smiling animals, guarantees human lip movements, too. 

Explains John Vonderlin:Hi June,

   In a bit of serendipity this 60 second video was in my Inbox this morning. I thought you might enjoy the message or song, even if you’re not a pet lover. I belong to several humor rings that send video clips amongst ourselves. While some are stupid and tasteless, many are hilarious or beautiful or inspiring. 
If you’d like me to forward the quality ones let me know. They often start my day with a laugh, a smile or a cluck and head shake.  Enjoy. John
To watch the video, you need to turn the sound ON your computer because there’s music that goes with the images.
To see the video called “Smile,” please click HERE
June adds: I love animals. I was the type who picked up strays all the time, you know, I was one of them in my “yoot.”I gave them to loving “parents” and now have two cats, Tami, the eelder, and Murray (also known as Cat) who is nearly a year old.