Sandy Wallace: Call Out for Sam Varela

Hi Sandy this is Gray,I’ts been a long time.I’m landlocked in Missouri right now,but still travel a lot,and do get to the Coast every couple  of years.Joe Doscher and Anne Marie are in Sacramento,Joe is still doing Light Opera  and Commercials,and Anne Marie is Pacticing Law.The last time I saw Steve was up the N. Fork of thr Feather River cooking (With a Crew Cut?)-Bob is in Tuscon.with Friends.We were all lucky to experience that little bit of “The Tail End Of Cannery Row” that was around Us those few years.And just like the “Blue Lady” its still there if you let it be.I’t’s not that hard to blank –out the Tourist Culture for a while.Its good to see Your name show up-With best of memories-Your  friend-gray



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Story by Sandy Wallace

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 I was one of the fortunates to have had experienced Moss Beach and Miramar Beach in the 70’s.  I came upon some of your articles while curiously looking to see who was still around.  I was brought to tears by two deaths.  One of George Moore and the other of Richard English.  They were dear to my heart and represents a loss of a very romantic period of my life.  I noticed the article was written by Sam Varela. He owned the Moss Beach Distillery and Torres.  He also was a love in my life.  I was wondering if Sam is still alive.  I do not want to get in touch, just to know he is safe and sound.  Your articles brought back many memories an gave me some good laughs and some tears.
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