Revisited: The Grey Whale Cove Mystery


Story by Ken Robertson

Hello June. I know it has been quite a while, but I ran into something quite interesting today: archeologists. As I was doing my route up in McNee Ranch, I noticed someone “camping” in the picknic spot (which explains the gate being unlocked when I came in). I figured they must have had special permision to have gotten the combo to the lock and sure enough one of the residents passed me, I mentioned the encampment and she said they were archeologists who came in the day before and would be staying another day.
I kicked myself as I left McNee that I did not drive up to the encampment and talk to them, but as it turns out, there would have been no one there. As you can see from my photos, the “dig” is on the north side of the Outrigger parkinglot. I asked if they were the state parks archiologists and they said yes and I was introduced to the head guy. I repeated my story about the headstone and he was shocked that in twenty years of working that site he had neither seen nor heard of it and was excited about finding out exactly what it was. I discribed the cement rebar construction and theorised that it looked WWII and he said he thought it might predate WWII (well he’s the expert). I also mentioned your side and he was also excite to find out about it and said it could be an invaluable resource for him. I left him my e-mail address and if he finds anything out he promised to send me a note (which I will most certainly forward and once I have his address, I will forward your URL to him).
This is the most promising lead yet as an archeologist has access to data that others wouldn’t and he has an indepth knowledge of the area. Hopefully I will be sending more news soon.



Ken Robertson
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift
That is why they call it the present