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We still have a lot to fix up, and are getting small jobs already. Tammy Trejo is one of our best clients, and was thrilled to learn that we are now right down the street from our gallery.  We had a couple of other jobs. Michael shot a wedding today, and has more for the year.  He takes a break from everything when he goes on his climb in September (Yosemite’s Matterhorn, and Whorl Mountains).
I have continual eBay and Amazon sales, and just completed a job doing 90 scans for a photographer that he will use for his own note cards.  I still have ongoing website assignments, one with Tom Monaghan, whose Golden Gate Abalone is getting more business – many restaurants are now serving his product.  I am also doing a website for Half Moon Bay photographer Bill Rhodes (just started that one).  So, we are paying the bills, but it has been slower than usual, due to the economy. We’re not alone, in other words.  We really appreciate your publicizing our new location. We were also surprised to learn that the Review had a bit about it in the paper. We’ve had a lot of visitors so far.  Apparently, it is easier to access our Main Street location than Shoreline Station.
This move has consumed us, and will continue for another couple of weeks. We had SO much to do – put up frame samples & photos. We still have to clear a few things out of the old location.    I posted a bunch of photos of the Past & Present of Spring Mountain Gallery on my MySpace (I am on there, at the invitation of my niece – it’s how many of my family & I communicate). I sent you an invite via MySpace. 
More later – Michael just finished working on the wedding photos. Now I make the CD label, & add a few to the wedding site.