My Opinion…..Ok?

If all of our money is gone, not because of anything we did, then haven’t the rules changed completely, too? Are there any rules? 

They used that boring cliche (“think outside the box”) to jar imaginations that had been stilled for years.  I hated “think outside the box”, pathetic.

Doesn’t it make more sense to completely forget “what was” and start all ovr and do it your way this time? I keep saying this Coastside is so special and has so much to offer, in many ways, not just to lucky us who live here but the tourists, sure, but we can also grow food  for ourselves here. We can eat.

Do you think those folks stuck in the suburban tracts have agricultural land around their homes? Do they have the ocean? Do they have apple tree orchards? Do they have people who make cheese and cow’s milk? 

If things get worse—-and from what I understand all those people who could not pay for their homes cannot pay their credit cards either. Guess what? We are a consumer economy. The last frontier before….I hate to say it…..

But we’re on the Coastside. We really don’t have to have the same problems. We still have cows and goats and beef and fresh veggies.. We can grow food here if need be. Not just Victory Gardens, I mean real food for Coastsiders.

I cannot think of another place to live that is better during what could be toughER economic times than the San Mateo Coastside. There are plenty of natural leaders here–you may not like who they are, but they are leaders. They can make decisions, good decisions.

Even President Obama has been hinting at this last disaster—-the default on the credit cards. He knows exactly what that means, that it could get a lot worse. Try to buy stuff here so our business people can stay in business. Let the “over the hill” folks support their businesses. 

Coastside: it does not have to be “worse” for us. We have all the natural resources and the best people and the farmers and the restaurateurs and on on.