I Rarely Watch The News Anymore

All  I hear on the good old tv is:

abducted, mistreated children (usually dead)

Somali Pirates  (from some other century.When was the last time you honestly heard the word  “pirate” used?  In the USA we use George Orville’s description of  Soma and big screen tvs; that keeps everything under control. I suggest we give the same to the “pirates.”

Chris Matthews, whom I once truly admired,  is really losing it. What is going on with him, anyway? Many of his co-workers are Irish. When is somebody going to write a book about it? Why are so many of them Irish? And do they have a personal agenda? And if so, what is it. Why don’t they tell us.

 I have nothing again Irish journalists but he has an awful lot of them on their show, MSNBC. And the questions they ask. Usually the person interviewed has already answered the question and the “journalist” asks it again. So embarrassing when you catch it and it happens all the time.

I have no comment on Fox. Other than their political differences there’s not that much to make them any different, although they do point out things that MSNBC forgets about.

Here’s another one: President Obama traveling in his fancy jet all over the world so he can see every country he has never seen before (can I go?) Can you imagine what the inside of that plane looks like? Air Force One? The bed sheets must be made of the finest silk, certainly the best material available. Everyone on board can walk about at will while we poor souls have to take our SOMA and remain strapped in.

I am so sick of the news. And the same old news people. No originality. Or very little. They don’t even ask important questions. We are in big trouble. Lives are being ruined. Businesses are closing down. And what do they talk about? Car companies going belly up. What about the stage coaches? Did they make such a fuss about that? 

I am just not sure that visiting foreign exotic countries is going to help our real economic problem. 

I do not have the answer. I don’t. But we need a new media.