I am a GREAT ADMIRER of Really Good Design: The Food is So Good,,,, It’s Hard to Get a Table Good thing they’re growing

You all know Sushi Main Street (on famous Mill St. is going through a metamorphosis, a major remodel to enlarge what is already one of the most popular restaurants on Main Street  in HMB (Half Moon Bay). Just across across the historic concrete bridge, turn right at Mill, the next street.

Apologies if I got her name wrong, but I believe it is the talented “Sharon” who worked on the special decor of the ¬†original Sushi Main Street, and who is now running the show which will expand the bldg to Main Street front and center. She creates wonders. She creates beauty. It will affect your take on life.

“Sharon” also did the smaller venue, the one which is expanding. I liked it small but wish them all GREAT SUCCESS on the new addition. Sushi Main Street is like no other Japanese restaurant I have seen. The care, the creativity. “Sharon” knows her craft. She’s visited Asia, all of the countries and she as the “The Eye “we al wish we had.

. And the food—well, every night the place is packed. So they’ve got a winner.