On Legacy: What do people leave behind?

The heart of El Granada is the post office. Would you believe me if I told you that it’s fun to go to the post office? It is in El Granada. Not only are the folks who work there great, but on Saturday mornings Burt and I run into the most fascinating locals picking up their mail.

On this bright, sunny and mild Saturday morning, I met  the videographer David Hodge. He lives in Miramar which is rapidly turning into  a close-knit community of artists, musicians and painters.

[I’ve blogged about photographer/adventurer Michael Powers, painter Linda Montalto Patterson,  her husband Richard, a well known classical guitarist and impressario Pete Douglas, but there are many more artists living there that I need to discover.]

David Hodge told me the video he’s working on right now is called “Legacy.”

“What people leave behind,” David explained.

Then I had to leave but not before David invited me to his website. I’ve been there, and it’s excellent….to visit, please click here

Here’s the background on Legacy, the video David Hodge is currently working on:

Legacy, a video installation now in design, will explore this universal question: what does one leave behind? Legacy will employ cinematic portraiture techniques not seen before, to draw the viewer deep into questions of life, lifestyle, and one’s bequest to the future. Avoiding high-level abstractions or political theories, and focusing instead on individual examples and stories, Legacy will lead viewers through captivating examples, while still allowing them room for their own interpretations of what they have seen. The installation will present a suite of stories that harmonize with each other, yet also reveal contrasts, conflicts and challenges. As viewers walk from one screen to another, they will also “walk” through the landscape of selected lives, dreams, actions, regrets, and passions, Legacy will leave its audience with a heightened awareness of how the future affects and informs the present, as the human heart seeks guidance from its imperfect foresight.