Cacti & Succulents heat up El Granada

Artist/landscaper Leon Kunke leon10 had a lot to do with introducing me to the creative and unusual world of cacti and succulents. No problem growing them in El Granada’s “banana belt.”


The succulent in the pot is a Haworthia coarctata v. adelaidensis

Last time I looked, Half Moon Bay Nursery on Highway 92 had a great selection of succulents. We also love visiting Flora Grubb in San Francisco. Succulents and cacti are one of their specialties. Both HMB Nursery and Flora Grubb Gardens make a good little outing. If you haven’t been to Flora Grubb, you are in for a big surprise.

Back in the 1960s, 70s, many artists came from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay to purchase flowers and plants. Sometimes they traded their paintings or handmade furniture for plants. One of the more fanciful artists was Tony Duquette, who just loved to interior decorate and went to great extremes in that endeavor.  A couple of years ago Wendy Goodman and Hutton Wilkinson wrote a beautifully illustrated book about Tony Duquette.