How many people can say they were born at Miramar Beach? Happy B-Day Marika!

Dear friends & family,
Today is my daughter Marika’s birthday & I thought you would enjoy the little e-card that I sent to her this morning. We concluded the beautiful day (above) this last Saturday by kayaking and rollicking and having fun at Mavericks, playing some wild three-way frisbee with Michael Murphy until well after a glorious sunset on the low tide beach out front.

I remember so clearly on the morning of October 28, 1974, a few hours after Marika was born, seeing the headline in the San Francisco paper: STATE GETS FIRST BIG STORM. Well, I guess it is true that Marika has been a “big storm” in my life–one that has brought me so much adventure & happiness, and for Marika, I am forever grateful.

Michael Powers