Farmers on the endangered list? Who Will Grow Our Food?

[In the image below, Mr. Eugene Pardini’s uncle farms the land, decades ago, near El Granada and the traffic light at Highway 1 and Capistrano Road.]

Today I watched a youtube featuring an interview with well known, successful investor Jim Rogers. In an interview with the Bloomberg channel,  Rogers was asked what he was investing in, in these shaky times, and why.

I was surprised to hear him answer: “Agriculture.”

As to the “why” of his unexpected investment choice, Rogers pointed out that most of the farmers working today are old–and there’s no one to replace them. Nobody’s going to farm school. Farm equipment, like tractors, have aged along with what could be America’s last generation of farmers.

Farming has been left behind: so, who will grow our food?

The present dismal economic picture will surely discourage new hammer & nail work for the indefinite future. There’s an irony here. The Coastside earth that has historically produced artichokes, Italian beans, and brussels sprouts, has been, overtime replaced by new homes. Could that change?. Who knows? Farming on the Coastside could turn into the biggest industry we have!