Letter from Grace R. Fruendeling…

In 1978 Mrs. Grace Fruendeling of San Francisco wrote me a letter filled with childhood memories of Half Moon Bay where she lived as a child. What coaxed her to contact me was the publication of “Half Moon Bay Memories: The Coastside’s Colorful Past,” a book I had just put together. She read about it in the San Mateo Times and that consumed the first few sentences of the handwritten letter. She must have been quite old so remember than when reading.

I want to share her words about Half Moon Bay with you:

“…At that time (late 19th century? I was 8 years old & remember many things that had happened. My Grandma was Mrs. Edward Schubert & they had a brewery & also owned a large ranch in Half Moon Bay.

“I also attended the school during my vacation in S.F. My mother’s married name was Mrs. Henry Frank & her sister taught high school there. She married into the famous family by the name of Abbott; they also owned a great deal of land there.

“I knew the Quilian family and many others.”

“I was 8 when I went to look at the wreck (of the ship New York at the beach near Kelly St.). It was a very exciting thing to see. We were told not to take anything but people came from all over, helping themselves, so I have a beautiful Chinese bowl from the wreck, which is still in my possession. I surely think a great deal of the beauty of the bowl.

“I think that I would like to know when your book will be published. I could sell some to my Chinese friends; it is history for them.

Yours sincerely,

Grace R. Fruendeling”

She added this interesting message: “I am the real grandchild.”