2 Grammar Schools: HMB, 1908, SF, 1954

(Photos: On left, Half Moon Bay Grammar School, 1908. W.E. Wall was the principal; Mabel Nickels, the teacher; Lansing Griffith with drums; among the students John Miramontes, Ethel and Ella Knapp.
On right: Jefferson Grammar School, Sunset District, San Francisco, 1954. Mrs. McSweeney was the teacher. I am on the far right last row. My friend Lynn Kalajian McCloskey sits in the first row, with black pigtails, holding the sign, at right.]

In the 1954 photo, to the left, there’s a poem about the big blue & gray bus–I still recall the bus taking us to a place called “Fairyland” in Oakland.

Some of the kids in the Jefferson Grammar School photo are: John Marshall, Pete Stein, Phyllis Nicklaus, John Madigan Barbara Robinson, Rosemary Russo, John Aspelin, Phil Lapkin, Rick Watson, Nick Lukash, Jm Nurmi, Terry Pachtner. Cannot remember the rest, my apologies. Notice how all the girls wore dresses? Where are they, today?