“Now the story can be told,” or “The ‘Legend’ of Who Burned Down the Crab Cottage”

Princeton-by-the-Sea is a place filled with legends and tall tales.

An oft-asked question: Who burned down the beloved Crab Cottage?

As the legend goes, John and Slim were two characters that slept in a wood pile. They didn’t bother anyone….unless having way too much to drink counts. One day John and Slim woke up and heard from a passerby that the Crab Cottage wasn’t open for breakfast that morning. The Crab Cottage was always open for breakfast and it not being open on that particular morning irritated all three men.

John and Slim didn’t work at a regular job unless walking around and checking on the goings on in Princeton counts.

As the day turned from light to dark, John and Slim kept talking about the Crab Cottage being closed for breakfast. They bought some cheap wine and bought some more and by the time the moon was up, the men were outraged.

Something had to be done, they said. So they took matters into their own hands, and with plenty of matches zig zagged their way to the Crab Cottage….and burned it down.

In John and Slim’s mind, they had solved the problem of the Crab Cottage being closed for breakfast. They would never be disappointed again.